André and Berthe Noufflard


Thirty years of André et Berthe Noufflard's Prize
Seventeen laureates of the Prize exhibit beside André et Berthe Noufflard.

Watch exhibition's video here (french language).

Noufflard Prize 2017


Works of André and Berthe Noufflard

In museums

PARIS Carnavalet Museum Berthe Langweil : The carnival
Berthe Noufflard : Portrait of Jacques – Emile Blanche
André Noufflard : Henri Rivière in his studio
PARIS Doucet Library André Noufflard : Series of etchings
ROUEN Beaux Arts Museum André Noufflard : Several Normandy landscapes
Berthe Noufflard : Various portraits, one of which depicts Rose, Madame Blanche
Portraits of Jacques-Emile Blanche’s sisters-in-law, the misses John Lemoinne
OFFRANVILLE Jacques – Emile Blanche Museum Berthe Noufflard : Jacques-Emile Blanche in his dining room
The Dixon Gallery and Gardens An important collection of 42 paintings by the two artists

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